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Franchising Your Existing Business

Saiter Real Solutions can help you determine if franchising your business makes sense. A thorough consultation and study of the current state of affairs for this particular company will be conducted to find out whether or not it is “franchise-able.”
If they determine that there are no major obstacles, then we’ll provide them with an in-depth report detailing all our findings so far – which includes reasons why choosing a different type might better suit what’s needed at this point.
Franchise disclosure documents, operations manual development, and state registration support are just some of the benefits you can expect when moving forward with our process.

The next step in becoming a thriving franchise is designed for businesses that have strong potential to become successful entrepreneurs! Services include an expertly crafted assessment study that determines if this business will be the right fit as well detailed information on how they work along with critical sales & marketing services which couldn’t make it any easier than finding out what’s already working – let us help take your idea from good…to great!

Your potential as a budding entrepreneur is about to be realized with the help of our dedicated team. We’ll provide you with all that’s needed for an efficient, successful franchise process from start to finish!
“Unlock Your Franchise Potential with Our Comprehensive Support! If no major obstacles are found, receive a detailed report on your business’s suitability. Benefit from franchise disclosure documents, operations manual development, and state registration support. Our next step is tailored to businesses with strong entrepreneurial potential, offering expert assessment studies, detailed insights, and sales & marketing services. Elevate your idea from good to great with our dedicated team’s guidance. Realize your budding entrepreneur potential with our end-to-end franchise support!”

Consulting is the backbone of Saiter; it’s where we started and it underpins all the technology services we offer too. For us, it’s about really understanding the customer’s process and priorities, and making feasible, value-adding recommendations for field service improvement.  

- Ricardo Matos

Saiter Real Solutions CEO

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Are You Looking to
Own a Franchise?

Do you want to own your own franchise? We can help you find the perfect option, so speak to one of our franchise consultants and they’ll be in touch shortly. A franchise is a great way to go if you’re looking for a simplified & proven business model. However, no single franchise is perfect so it pays to consult with someone who has experience in this type of venture. We are paid by the franchise so our advice will never be biased, which means we can act as an impartial advisor before you take any steps.