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Business and Franchise Opportunities in the Health Sector


If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it taught us how precious our health is. Many people used this global health scare as an inspiration to jumpstart and improve their life.

And we’re not just talking about personal health behaviors. Scores of people used the pandemic to take a look at their jobs and what they really wanted to be doing.

If you fall into that category and know that you want to be your own boss while making a difference in people’s overall health, owning a health sector franchise may be the best choice for you. Franchises are more accessible than starting a business from scratch and give you a set of working resources to start with.

Learn more about starting your own healthcare business below.

What Are Franchises?

You’ve likely read that less than eighty percent of businesses last through their first five years. That makes investing in a new business feel even riskier than it already is.

Franchising in healthcare doesn’t guarantee success, but it does improve your chances of it. How? The original location and its other branches have already worked out most of the business kinks to establish a business model that works.

You’re buying a business with more than a business plan – you’re buying something with examples of success and a network to help you establish it on your own.

The Benefits to Buying a Franchise as a Healthcare Entrepreneur

After 2020 hit, many people realized they didn’t want to work for someone else anymore and began looking for a way to work for themselves. Buying a franchise gives you most of the independence of running your own business, with a few caveats.

We think those caveats, like the franchise price and fees, are well worth the advantages of franchising, i.e., having proven resources at your disposal.

According to a study done on healthcare-related franchises through BMC Health Services Research, owning a franchise is associated with.

  • Standing out in a competitive market
  • Reduces rising business expenditures
  • Addresses issues with the quality of care
  • Increased ability to share knowledge
  • Helps with the diffusion of innovations
  • Gives businesspeople higher work satisfaction

Some of those benefits trickle down to patients as well.

The Benefits of Healthcare Franchises for Patients

Healthcare in the US isn’t … the most efficient system on the planet. Getting quality care that’s affordable is a struggle for a good number of Americans. They don’t know who to trust, where to go, or what services are available without a prescription from their primary care doctor.

Having more healthcare service franchises, which address many of those issues, makes care more readily available to them. Just like there will always be a need for plumbers – people will always have healthcare-related needs.

Health Sector Franchises With Open Opportunities

There are franchise opportunities in the health sector in every sub-section. You can buy a franchise in everything from the Dentist space, to Eye Labs (vision), to Nutrition. The options are almost endless.

Here are a few examples of franchises you can purchase …

Pain Relief and Rehabilitation Services

If your passion is reducing people’s pain or the effects of chronic illnesses, you may be interested in

CryroTherapy Franchises

Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to reduce pain in the body. People come for a session that lasts around 5-10 minutes and leaves feeling like they took an ice bath. The practice itself is the subject of many current research studies.

Ice Box Cryotherapy is a great franchise to explore in this space.

Regenerative Medicine

The Western healthcare model is more treat instead of prevent. If you think that’s backward, then you should look into the field of regenerative medicine. It aims to address the root causes of pain and injury without invasive surgical measures.

Open regenerative medicine franchises: QC Kinetix, Ideal Feet

Weight Loss

This is one of the biggest and most stable markets in the world, especially with current obesity rates. Even in less obesity-riddled times, people have always wanted help losing weight.

Instead of leaving people to the dangers of fad dieting, medical weight loss centers provide care under medical supervision. They have a much higher success rate than most people try independently.

Medi Weight Loss is a well-known and successful franchise in this space.

Urgent Care & Healthcare Services

If you’re looking for more traditional medical opportunities, you may want to open your own urgent care clinic. Urgent Care independently operates medical clinics that don’t have the same overhead as large hospital companies, making them more accessible to the general public.

Opening an urgent care also helps address the problem of freestanding hospital ERs, predatory businesses.

AFC can help you establish an urgent care franchise in your area.

Equipment Sales

No one would get anything done in the medical field without the right equipment, whether surgical equipment or straight-to-consumer products.

There are a few options for franchises in this space. Auxo Medical provides clinical and surgical experience to other healthcare providers.

Franchises like 101 Mobility and Mobility City sell patient-assistance devices, like motorized scooters, which improve many patients’ quality of life.

Medical Staffing

Finally, last but not least, we have medical staffing franchises. You may have heard about the shortage of nurses that hospitals are experiencing right now, which is sad, but these franchises fill that gap in the market.

As a medical staffing franchise owner, you’ll be the hiring agency (essentially) for healthcare businesses of all sectors.

All Med Search and Medical Staffing Consultants are both franchises in this space looking for new owners.

Health Sector Business Opportunities

As you can see, you have a range of choices when it comes to becoming a healthcare entrepreneur. There’s a health sector franchise for whatever your passion is.

If you’re looking for someone to help you pick the perfect franchise for you, based on your resources, location, and skillset – you’re in the right place. We help business owners pick the right franchise that will set them up for success.

Please chat with us about your options today!