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About Saiter Real Solutions

Specialist consulting services, based on deep industry knowledge, and focused on delivering relevant, and critical data in determining your optimal franchise journey decisions

Our Consulting Services

Saiter Real Solutions is a full-service franchise Business Management Consulting and development firm with extensive experience in the franchise industry. Our consultation process is a proven method of helping others identify and research franchise business opportunities that present a real chance for success. We have a team of experienced consultants who can provide you with the guidance and support you need to make your franchising dreams a reality.

Why Saiter?

A true understanding of the end-to-end franchise consulting process, coupled with our best-practice insight provides more targeted, prioritized recommendations

Consulting Case Studies

We’ve helped some of the biggest and most complex field service organisations to understand what they should aim for and make the right decisions.

Consulting is the backbone of Saiter; it’s where we started and it underpins all the technology services we offer too. For us, it’s about really understanding the customer’s process and priorities, and making feasible, value-adding recommendations for field service improvement.  

- Ricardo Matos

Saiter Real Solutions CEO

Our team

Ricardo Matos

Ricardo Matos is a business management, franchise development and growth consultant. In the last twenty-five years, Ricardo has worked with some of the most impressive, ground-breaking companies from manufacturing to E&P.

Bianca Bucaram

We provide traditional and non-traditional Public Relations services to up and coming as well as established brands and influencers making their name more relevant in the market, telling a compelling story, and helping brands and individuals stay relevant during challenging times.

Why Franchising Makes Sense

1. Franchising offers a lower risk model than starting a business from scratch.

2. Franchising offers opportunities for growth and expansion that would be difficult to replicate as an independent business owner. 

3. Franchises have the benefit of pre-established brand recognition which can attract customers and give the franchisee a competitive edge. 

4. Franchisees receive training and ongoing support, allowing them to confidently operate their businesses with minimal start-up costs or risk

Choosing the Right Franchise

There are thousands of franchises available…how do you decide which ones are best for you and which ones are not? It is extremely difficult and frustrating for someone not familiar with the industry to find the best one on their own.

Saves You Months of Research

Our company has already screened hundreds of franchises. We have already narrowed the best ones down and we already know the initial investment required, the net worth you must have to qualify, whether it can be a home-based business or not, whether the market in your area is still available, what states the companies are registered in to be able to sell franchises, how long they have been franchising, what kind of candidates they are looking for and much, much more. Don’t waste your time when we can focus your search on companies that are best suited for your requirements.

It Saves You Time and Money!

We are able to save you time, money, and unnecessary aggravation. We teach you what franchisors are looking for in a candidate, how to investigate a franchise, what questions to ask their franchisees, and much more.

The End-to-End
Service Process

We take a close look at your goals, experience, strengths, weaknesses, desired lifestyle, and more. This helps us to identify the franchises that present a realistic chance for long-term success and happiness.

 A consultant educates the buyer on the franchise industry and analyzes the buyer’s qualifications so that he/she doesn’t waste energies on franchises that are not right or that he/ she is not qualified to purchase. We find the best companies for you to investigate and then we hold your hand throughout the remainder of the process.

 We have many resources at our disposal which can further assist you through the process and during your franchise negotiations (including access to 3rd party funding options, franchise lawyers, and other industry resources).

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